The Village Coffee Concept – Great Pricing!


A Unique Opportunity Awaits You!

Our Concept is one of the most affordable in the industry, international pricing will differ.  You’ll receive the equipment and supplies listed in “The Store Package”

Team Work:
With Village Coffee’s Store Package and or License Agreement, you will be part of a focused business with leadership philosophy that is guided by “Integrity”. As a New Village  Coffee Shop Owner you will receive in store training along with  our comprehensive operations manual. This manual will be a base to get you started and allow you to setup and maintain structure in your store for an efficient and professionally run operation. You are free to make adjustments in the manual to satisfy your business operations and needs. As a Licensee you will enjoy the benefits of using our trademarks, operating systems, menus, plus receive discounts on coffee, mixes, cups and lids. Village Coffee Licensees pay only 10% above distributor cost on items we warehouse or drop ship. This is a tremendous savings and makes our concept more inviting and profitable. To receive the most beneficial package in the Coffee industry purchase our Store Package and let us set you up completely, and Purchase our License agreement for our Register Trademark and discounts.

Third Party Financing :
The total cost of your new Village Coffee shop is estimated to be between $175,000 and $205,000 depending on your build out costs.  We have professional and knowledgeable contacts that can help you in this area. There are various forms of financing including 401k rollover, SBA Loans, secured and unsecured credit lines. We will be happy to provide you with our third party sources.

Third Party Site Selection:
Village Coffee is proud to be networked with Catalyst Commercial Group (CCG), a full service Commercial Real Estate Company; whose specialty is Tenant representation on a national level. CCG will guide Village Coffee Clients, upon the purchase of our Store Package, through each phase of site selection and lease negotiation. Their comprehensive knowledge of various local real estate markets ensures consistent, quality results wherever your real estate needs may be.

Sketch & Design Services:
Once your site has been selected we will provide our design team with photos, CAD files, and sketches to begin work. They will put into place all equipment, furniture, and fixtures that have been packaged by our supplier.  The drawings and plans will be provided to you for your approval. Once agreed upon,  we will have the designer complete and forward stamped architectural drawings for your contractor to build from.

Permitting & Zoning:
Village Coffee will refer to you to our  third party partners to assist in the permitting process. You will be coordinating the process with them and your contractor submitting the plans to the health and building departments. This process is time consuming on the agency’s side and good coordination will help speed things up.

Build Out Consultation :
Once your permits have cleared the health department and building inspector’s office you are own your way to building out your store with your stamped and cleared architectural plans. Village Coffee will work with you in an advisory role through this process. This part of the process is at the expense of the client, but we will review all contractor estimates. We can also provide you with a third party partner that can provide professional contracting assistance for a small fee. They will also handle all contractors scheduling keeping our project on pace.

Village Coffee Training Workshop:
When you complete your Store Training, you will have the understanding and confidence needed to successfully run your Coffee Shop like you’ve owned it for years. Village Coffee provides 5 days of hands on training in your store. You and your staff will learn everything from how to make all the popular espresso drinks to counting the safe and all other closing procedures. You will also receive copies of the Village Coffee “Shift Duties” to keep your staff focused while keeping your store organized and clean. In addition to the rigorous designed training program, licensees can take advantage of our additional on site training and workshop at our company training locations. You and your staff can come and perform hands on barista training for up to two weeks. This service is encouraged and provided at no extra charge excluding your traveling expenses. Note: The 5 days in Store training only comes with the purchase of the Store Package.

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